Trudy works face to face and via Skype on a range of career coaching topics. Often clients feel stuck in a role that no longer motivates them and wants to explore ways to be more fulfilled in their work and lives. She brings her own experience managing career transition to combine a supportive and practical approach. Trudy‚Äôs overall philosophy is that enjoyable work has to have the right amount of challenge and makes good use of our strengths.  She helps clients to pinpoint their unique set of strengths and personal qualities to create an absorbing career.


  • Executive coaching, particularly leadership skills and building strong relationships at work
  • Careers coaching, both career transitions and how to get back on track in your current career
  • HR mentoring
  • Talent management consulting

“I found Trudy Delamere a very insightful, intelligent and engaging coach. She is a great listener and is proactive about offering a view, which I found very helpful. She is also really good to work with, reliable and someone with whom I felt comfortable talking.”