Emile has over 20 years’ worth of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare Industry, holding managerial and senior leadership positions. During this time he acted in an operational and strategic capacity as a business partner to organisations.  In addition to being a technical specialist, he also focused on creating high-performing teams by acting as coach and mentor to upcoming leaders in the industry.  His experience has now equipped him to successfully consult in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry and coach leaders in a wide range industries. 

As a coach, Emile has the ability to encourage those he works with to discover their true potential and provides them with the necessary tools to develop in their careers and businesses.  With the work that he has done, he has been able to support leaders to succeed in their development goals as the next emerging leaders through vulnerability and authenticity.  In addition, he has equipped business owners to set up meaningful businesses for lasting change.  Through these qualities, he has been able to guide individuals to lead a life of purpose, significance, and clarity to thrive.  

Coaching and Training style

Emile is passionate about partnering with individuals to draw out their best potential in order to lead themselves, their teams and their organisations well.  He does this by applying intuition, building trust, staying curious and encouraging individuals to tap into their unlimited potential and liberate themselves through their true capabilities. 

Professional credentials

  • Accredited with Zircon BeTalent (UK)
  • Executive and Management Coaching (University of Cape Town, SA)
  • Master of Business Administration (Warwick Business School, UK)
  • Life Coach Practitioner (Kim Coach, SA)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Northwest University, SA)

His clients include: Zebee, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Ascendis Health, Interconnect

“Through Emile’s coaching and mentorship, I have managed to make a success of my career in the pharmaceutical space, starting off as a contractor and now being in a managerial role.   Emile’s coaching inspired me to stretch and challenge myself in areas where I didn’t even notice it or believe enough in myself.  Emile also provided essential feedback and opened my eyes to growth-mindset thinking. His patience, intentionality and understanding the person before anything else is his winning formula. I am on an amazing career path, and I am grateful for all the guidance Emile has and continues to provide.”

Siya Toyi, Quality Manager and Authorised Representative, GSK Consumer Healthcare