A creative and dynamic coach, trainer, facilitator and author – I specialise in the areas of Leadership, Personal Impact and Professional Effectiveness. I work in a range of sectors from corporate to education and as a coach I believe fundamentally that everyone I work with has the right answers, solutions and strategies within them. And yet, I also understand that my clients also may need input of data or challenging feedback or a provoking thought. My role as coach and trainer is to help the client to marry our session content with a strong and accountable will to achieve high performance.

As a trainer/developer I set up powerful experiential learning opportunities from which people take practical and resonant lessons. I also believe strongly in the visual power of graphic capture of lessons – an approach that I use to great effect my coaching and training practice.


  • Coaching for leadership, personal impact and personal effectiveness
  • Workshops covering a range of subjects from leadership and project management to presentation skills

“Full of energy, ideas and commitment to the client. Listens, acknowledges inputs, and builds on others’ ideas. When you work with Steve Hutchinson the bar is set high and he expects you to deliver the same. Exactly what I like.”